IDS G Farm

Ecosystem Management system for Farmers

IDS Australasia Pty Ltd is based in Brisbane and also has a presence in Canberra, Melbourne and Perth. The company handles business in New Zealand and Papua New Guinea as well as in Australia. The company’s primary area of current activity is air navigation. Activity in the field covers systems supply, systems support and flight procedure design services.Clients in the sector include Air Services Australia (ASA), Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) and Papua New Guinea Air Services..

G-Farm Ecosystem

Farmers are under constant pressure to increase performance and efficiency to ensure sustainability. This created a drive for technology implementation on farms.

IDS is providing the farmer with the technology to collect data in real time for effective decision making. This allows for:

– Animal identification that integrates visual and electronic technology and traceability

– Precision farm management using GIS, able to track assets within Geofences

– Theft reductions

– Assists with biosecurity and health management

– Pasture Management and riparian strip reduction

– Assists with improving environmental impacts.

The technology will offer low-cost communication options covering large geographical areas.

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Unmanned Aerial Vehicle – Scout 18

SCOUT 18 is a smart drone developed for industrial applications. The Scout18 is the drone for all industries. Built from moulded carbon fibre and aluminium, the Scout 18 utilises the latest technology to be strong and weather proof without compromising on speed or efficiency.

IDS can also provide customised UAV build solutions as required

Flight Time

30 + mins of flight time on a single battery


+ 150 acres per battery 65 HA


up to 60km/h

Wind Resistance




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Services include on-site consultation, cloud-based software, onsite installation of SW and hardware, remote monitoring and maintenance on all the GFARM products and UAV solutions.

GFarm Installation

We offer full installation including Base stations, Repeaters, Tags on livestock, and farm assets.

IoT Technology Integration

IoT technology will integrate with the tags, repeater stations, assets and other devices on the property to one specific tool.  This allows asset tracking, monitoring, interaction with your devices from a remote network from anywhere allowing the Farmer to have absolute visibility.   This low-cost communication infrastructure eliminates the need for additional telco companies and will save the farmer money as he will not have to pay for additional data.

GIS/Data Management Consulting

IDS are able to offer mapping with the Scout 18 UAV and IDS sensors, we are able to accurately map the area of the farm. This is an important tool as it assists the farmer in planning his water placements, pasture improvements and utilisation of dry matter available.

Remote Sensing Consulting

IDS are able to offer remote sensing acquisitions of information by means of surveying and photography, which can assist farmers in precision agriculture and:

  • Crop production forecasting
  • Assessment of crop damage and crop progress
  • Crop planting
  • Identification of pest and disease infestation

Farm UAV Consulting

IDS offer Remote sensing in precision agriculture, including Thermal and multispectral sensors.