G Farm Management Suite:

The G Farm Management Suite is the software used to control the G Farm Ecosystem. The software allows full visualization of all aspects managed on farm and uses a GIS Map system to manage paddocks and pasture. Stand alone, this product offers users the functionality of recording all on farm production information.

The Software:

  • Draw out farm boundaries, fences and place all assets
  • GIS Mapping system
  • Animal records
  • Asset lists and records
  • Events
  • Management Calendar
  • Medicine cabinet
  • Remote management software for all on farm record keeping

The Benefits:

  • Have a visual representation of the farm and records of improvement
  • Draw and measure out potential improvements and expansions on farm
  • Store all data from your farm or multiple farms in an easy to access management system
  • Access your data from anywhere in the world
  • Easy to maintain production records of each asset to make more informed decisions
  • Create events such as animal tagging, drenching etc
  • Control levels of stock on farm in an all in one management system
  • Simplify farming by having the opportunity to integrate various products such as GPS trackers to unveil a whole new range of benefits in data driven decisions and profitability