G Farm Tracker:

The G Farm Tracker is a GPS Tag placed on anything from livestock to vehicles, which you want tracked in real-time. The GPS Tag is reusable and powered by a built-in Solar panel and battery.

The Tag:

  • Lightweight/reusable tag (37 grams)
  • Durable Tag built to last 5 years
  • Built in RFID so it can be scanned by any reader with full data available
  • Ambient temperature readings
  • Uses on Farm LoRa and LWAN networks (installed separately) compatible with WIFI and 3G networks
  • Track animals and vehicles movements to increase of farm security and Biosecurity

The Benefits:

  • Live animal tracking of movements within farm boundaries. Alerts when animals are outside of boundaries.
  • Track animals and vehicles movements to increase on farm security and Biosecurity
  • Asses the movements of stock in paddocks to see usable areas
  • Asses animals’ movements on pasture to see usable grazing areas of paddocks
  • Track mob and individual animal behavior to improve animal welfare and improve efficiency