Scout UAV

Experience the Advantages of Unmanned Flight

Experience the Advantages of Unmanned Flight

Scout UAV

Introducing the Scout 18

SCOUT 18 is a smart drone developed for industrial applications. It is easy to repair and maintain, and ideal for the most demanding of jobs. To reduce risks the SCOUT is fitted with a triple redundant flight control system. The core power distribution board in the SCOUT has a smart hub which monitors the current draw from each motor and will send information to the operator. This smart hub helps as an early warning system independent of the flight control to detect any issues with the motor or speed controllers. The smart hub also connects to the main flight battery and monitors battery temperature and the voltage of each cell. This information can be logged and downloaded for further analysis.

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Gimbals and Payloads

The Scout can be fitted with a number of gimbals including the current DJI range.


G140 Specs – suitable for the Alpha series

Weight – 410g with servos and external potentiometers
Roll axes – 70 degrees total with 35 degrees each side with 10 turn potentiometer
Tilt axes – 180 degrees with external potentiometer
Gear ratio – two options 2.5:1 and 4;1 available
Standard gimbal supplied with belt driven tilt axes there is also the option to have a gear driven tilt axes
Camera tray – 141mm wide
Internal height – 120mm max
Ideal for small cameras like the Sony A5100 and other mirrorless cameras

IDS PG2A Gimbal

IDS design the PG2A specifically for mapping application or photogrammetry work. The gimbal is made to be as light weight as possible while having the torque to stabilise cameras up to 800g.

Constructed from Aluminium it is robust and reliable. Unlike brushless gimbals the PG2A does not need to be precisely balanced in the gimbal. The gimbal can be fitted with a DJI quick release coupling allowing it to be easily fitted to the Inspire or M600 DJI type aircraft. The gimbal is supplied with its own stabilisation board so you just need to provide power.

This gimbal can be fitted with a number of sensors including the Micasence, Sony Alpha series, any many more.

Weight 190g including servos
Size – 109x89x59mm
Power required – 5v


G185 Specs – Suitable for Canon 5Dmk2 or 7D

Weight – 590g with servos and external potentiometers
Roll axes – 70 degrees total with 35 degrees each side with 10 turn potentiometer
Tilt axes – 180 degrees with external potentiometer
Gear ratio – two options 2.5:1 and 4;1 available
Standard gimbal supplied with belt driven tilt axes
Camera tray – 191mm wide
Internal height – adjustable from 130mm min to 180mm max

Ideal for DSLR type cameras or dual sensors

Flight Control

SCOUT18 Uses the latest ground control technology to ensure safety, efficiency, and ease of use. With automated flights, the craft can be set up to fly a desired path and gather the required data.

Data at a Glance

See flight routing, attitude and important stats, all readable in an instant.

Touchscreen Flight Control

Use the customisable joystick control mode to flu straight from your iPad, no radio control required.

Tap and Go Waypoint Flight

GS Pro (also known as Ground Station Pro) is an iPad app designed to control or plan automatic flights for DJI aircraft. Through it’s clear, concise interface, complex flight missions can be planned with a few taps.

Safety First

Multiple safety features are designed to ensure that the craft and the user are safe at all times. This includes the ability to still fly the craft even if a propeller is lost in flight, low battery warnings, and a ‘return to home’ function.

Route Planning

Set a flight path and edit it in the air in real time

Information at your Fingertips

Gather high quality data from a range of sensor types. Create 3D maps and models, via multispectral imagery, or view high-resolution videos and images.

Scout 18 UAV Application and Industry Sectors

Precision Agriculture – Know your crops.

Plants reflect light in a predictable pattern across the color spectrum. These patterns are correlated to crop vigor and stress, as well as nutrient information. Multispectral imaging uses cameras with narrowband filters to optimally sense plant reflectance, delivering the information needed to assess the status of your crops. This enables growers and agronomists to alter nutrient inputs and take action to address disease based on actual field conditions.

Using a Scout 18 allows growers and agronomists to detect areas of stress in a crop and manage these issues immediately.

Mining Quarries and Aggregates:

With regular flights, the Scout 18 can collect timely, georeferenced imagery that is quickly transformed into precise 3D point cloud data for your site. This information can be used to calculate material removed from a shaft, incline, audit, or open cast.

For high risk areas the use of the Scout is not only cost-effective option but a much safer option. The Scout saves on man hours and prevents personnel having to move around a mine in order to achieve accurate survey information.

  • Inventory Tracking (stock piles)
  • Site surveying
  • Traffic management
  • Water management
  • Safety and risk management


The Scout fitted with optical, zoom and/or thermal cameras can allow law enforcements agents to be more effective. Drone and camera technology can allow officials to have a much better vantage point during critical situations. Aerial vantage points also help with serious crash scene or other crime scenes to be fully evaluated and reconstructed to help understand the facts. The Scout can also be deployed on a tether allowing indefinite flight times in response to active shooters or armed hostage situations. The Scout can observe threats from a safe vantage point.

  • Security/surveillance
  • Perimeter monitoring
  • Tether for surveillance
  • Communication relay
  • Serious crash scene mapping
  • Armed hostage situations


  • Plant disease
  • Slope mapping
  • Water run off
  • Planning for planting
  • Surveying and Mapping:
  • Land surveying
  • Urban planning and land management

Experience the Advantages of Unmanned Flight

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