Scout UAV

Experience the Advantages of Unmanned Flight

Experience the Advantages of Unmanned Flight

Scout UAV

Introducing the Scout 18

SCOUT 18 is a smart drone developed for industrial applications. It is easy to repair and maintain, and ideal for the most demanding of jobs. To reduce risks the SCOUT is fitted with a triple redundant flight control system. The core power distribution board in the SCOUT has a smart hub which monitors the current draw from each motor and will send information to the operator. This smart hub helps as an early warning system independent of the flight control to detect any issues with the motor or speed controllers. The smart hub also connects to the main flight battery and monitors battery temperature and the voltage of each cell. This information can be logged and downloaded for further analysis.

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Gimbals and Payloads

The Scout can be fitted with a number of gimbals.







Flight Control

SCOUT18 Uses the latest ground control technology to ensure safety, efficiency, and ease of use. With automated flights, the craft can be set up to fly a desired path and gather the required data.

Data at a Glance

See flight routing, attitude and important stats, all readable in an instant.

Touchscreen Flight Control

Use the customisable joystick control mode to flu straight from your iPad, no radio control required.

Tap and Go Waypoint Flight

GS Pro (also known as Ground Station Pro) is an iPad app designed to control or plan automatic flights for DJI aircraft. Through it’s clear, concise interface, complex flight missions can be planned with a few taps.

Safety First

Multiple safety features are designed to ensure that the craft and the user are safe at all times. This includes the ability to still fly the craft even if a propeller is lost in flight, low battery warnings, and a ‘return to home’ function.

Route Planning

Set a flight path and edit it in the air in real time

Information at your Fingertips

Gather high quality data from a range of sensor types. Create 3D maps and models, via multispectral imagery, or view high-resolution videos and images.

Scout 18 UAV Application and Industry Sectors

G Farm offers a UAV which can be used for a multitude of functions but mainly;

  • Paddock and Vegetation NVDI Mapping (see grazing patterns and amount of pasture available)
  • Remote On farm asset Inspections
  • Farm mapping and monitoring

Experience the Advantages of Unmanned Flight

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